Shipping Costs Table

Destinationuntil 2kg (4lbs)until 4kg (8lbs)until 8kg (16lbs)until 12kg (24lbs)until 20kg (40lbs)until 31.5kg (63lbs)over 31,5kg (63lbs)
Zone 117,9019,9029,9035,9035,9039,90on request
Zone 218,9025,9034,9049,9065,9089,90on request
Zone 317.934,9045,9075,9089,90129,90on request
Zone 424,9039,9049,9099,90119.9199.9on request
Zone 524,9049,9075,90129,90179.9269,90on request
USA, Canada17.929,9039,9059,9089,90129,90on request
Area 1 – 5 belongs to the following countries:
Area1: EU Countries & Monaco
Area2: remaining European Countries
Area3: Northern Africa, West Asia
Area4: South America, Central & South Africa, Asia
Area5: Australia & New Zealand