General Terms and Conditions


Trade with Antiques, specialized on Hunting Trophies and Taxidermy.



All items ordered are placed in the ‘Shopping Cart’. Total Costs (Item Price  + Shipping Costs) are shown in the Shopping Cart, please read below for combined order discounts.

To finish ordering process you need to proceed to Checkout. During the checkout process, you will be prompted to provide payment, billing and shipping information. When you have finished providing all the information you can Submit your order.


PayPal and major credit Card Payments:

On Checkout you will be forwarded to the Paypal website. On The Paypal website you will be prompted to provide Paypal or Credit Card Payment. It´s not needed to register a Paypal Account for a Credit Card Payment via the Paypal website.


Combined Orders:

If you decide to buy more than one listed product, shipping costs will be added up during checkout process. After completion of the checkout we will contact you for a refund of the difference of the shipping cost.



After Payment is received, we will package all products as safe and professionally as possible.

We use stable Boxes, as well as mounting techniques to assure the items arrive in exactly the same condition they left our store. Shipping takes place once to twice a week, estimated delivery time ranges from 5 to 15 days, please contact us for priority or express shipping terms and rates.


Toll & Tax

In most countries there are no rates for the import of our products.

Please contact us to be sure if there is-, or is no import toll or tax rate for a specific product you want to order and import to your country.

If there is a rate, the Buyer is responsible to pay the import Toll/Tax rates, usually to the local shipping carrier.



Terms for Wildlife Products:

Imports of wildlife products are regulated by the national authorities of every country. Restrictions are usually only done for endangered species (which we don´t trade).

All our wildlife products are legal to import to any country worldwide, Exclusions may happen for antique wildlife products, which will be highlighted and described in the affected product listings).

Specific Terms in the United States: All wildlife-imports to the U.S. are regulated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. All our wildlife products are legal to import to all U.S. States. For Taxidermy Mounts & Hunting Trophies Customs Toll/Tax Rate is 0% (also for Canada, European Union and many other countries)


Return Policy:

Any item may be returned for a refund or exchange, buyer has to contact us within 14 days after receiving the item. Buyer is responsible for safe packaging and costs of the return or exchange shipping.



We keep your information secure and will never sell or share them with anyone other than companies directly responsible in completing your order.


Antlersland expressly disclaims Different terms and conditions of the customer. Deviating or additional terms and conditions of the customer are not part of the contract, even if they have not expressly contradicted. Deviations from these terms and conditions, supplementary agreements, or any conflicting terms and conditions of the customer are only effective if they

are confirmed in writing by Antlersland.